Why Instagram Reels Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Written by Emma Natasha
June 23, 2022
Why Instagram Reels Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

People nowadays are more drawn to videos than they are to text, music, or photos and this gives room for TikTok to dominate the internet, gaining billions of new members in a relatively short period of time. As TikTok increasingly captures the attention of Millennials and Generation Z, Instagram is not one to get left behind, and so born Instagram Reels. Reels, like TikTok videos, allows users to publish videos of up to 90 seconds with a variety of effects, filters, and catchy audios. Here is why and how Instagram Reels can enhance your digital marketing. 

Reels are More Optimized than Regular Posts

Instagram wants to get users to start publishing content using Reels. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said that Instagram is “no longer a photo-sharing platform,” highlighting a shift to an emphasis on engaging video content rather than primarily photos. Thus, Reels are becoming extremely popular on Instagram that the feature is now prioritized to be featured on all users’ explore pages. Reels’ algorithm is also meant to enable users in increasing organic reach and engagement. Since Instagram posts now have an average interaction rate of less than 2-3%, your standard, non-Reels post is only likely to be noticed by a small percentage of your followers. Meanwhile, Reels is designed in such a way that it will increase the ROI for businesses. One famous sports team reported a 67% boost in interaction while using Reels instead of Instagram regular posts of videos and photos.

User-generated Filters and Effects

Instagram provides everything TikTok does, but better: short video, effects, filters, audio, music choices, and captions. Instagram should always innovate in order to compete with major rivals such as TikTok, and the Reels feature is similar to TikTok videos. Instagram allows users to submit their created filters and effects, which many people find interesting and use to make videos for their Reels. This is also a chance for you to soft-sell your brand; you can create filters or effects that people will find cool and submit it to Instagram, so that it can be used publicly. If more people are using your filters and effects, your brand’s name will be credited with every story and Reels posted, thus increasing brand awareness.

Visuals Win the Era

If you want to expand your audience base, you should include your business’s visual content into Instagram Reels. Content creators must change their work to keep people interested, which is important for long-term digital performance. Reels are not only significant, but when created well, they are also catchy, entertaining, and extremely fun to watch. You have many ways for enhancing your content, including using Instagram’s built-in tools or using programs like InShot or Canva that support Reels format. If you put aside visuals in your digital marketing strategy and neglect the importance of Reels, do not be surprised if your competitors win bigger audience base that could have been yours.

Increasing your digital brand awareness does not always have to be about hard-selling paid ads that promote your brand; it can also be done by sharing valuable information. You may start doing this using Reels. For instance, if your business offers cloud computing service, you can create educational Reels videos to introduce what cloud computing is and types of services there are in general. Through soft-selling informative videos that are visually appealing, you can better enhance your brand awareness on Instagram. 

Businesses must now more than ever stay up with marketing trends and add video content such as Reels. Since Reels are continuously continuously improved as time goes by, this is your chance to keep up and not get left behind. People will be captivated if your business is up to date on the latest trends, which will reflect in your overall business brand as relevant and close to the heart of your customers, both current and potential!

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