Digital Marketing 101: Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Written by Emma Natasha
December 23, 2021
Digital Marketing 101: Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Either you own a small business or kick-start new projects for an organization, social media is more than a trend to put aside. Social platforms have been transforming into the most important virtual space where people cannot only interact with each other but also a great means for businesses to digitally advertise their products and services. In 2021, about 4.48 billion people actively use social media globally. Back in 2015, there were only 2.07 billion users, meaning there is an overall increase in users of 115.59% in just six years. Given the huge number of social media users, marketers must not miss out on their chance of growing their brand through these digital forums.

Building a solid social media presence gives the sense that your brand is actively engaging with the audience through various mainstream platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and many more. If you are a marketer or business leader aiming to invest more and reap the benefits of social media presence, now is a perfect time.

Why Social Media?

The earlier you incorporate social media as part of your daily marketing activity, the bigger opportunities you have in ensuring your brand stays on top of users’ minds. Here are some reasons you have to start maximizing your social media presence. 

Strengthening Brand Awareness

One of the most significant benefits of maintaining an active social media presence is the ability to raise brand awareness. Social media increases your brand’s visibility among potential customers, allowing you to reach a large audience with little time and effort. For example, your target customers may have never heard about your newly-established business before, but they happen to find your brand’s profile when browsing similar competitors on Instagram. Even if they may not end up directly purchasing from your brand, they are, at the very least, aware that your brand exists. The odds that they will consider your brand someday soon? Plenty. As social media enables targeted ads, sending relevant ads based on a user’s preferences increases their likelihood of being interested in your content. You can also target ads based on location, gender, age, and other factors. Wider target customers reached = more revenue in the making!

Increasing Engagement

When you build a business, do more than just sell your products or services to customers; listen to what they have to say and engage whenever possible. This practice used to be difficult before social media existed, since the channels to engage with both current and potential customers were much limited. Thanks to the free and very accessible social media, businesses can now directly engage with customers under the same platform interactively. Social media has vast benefits for customer engagement, which is a primary goal for many brands, as well as a positive influence on customers’ purchase decisions. Responsive brands that are constantly interacting and engaging in two-way communication with their customers are better suited to help their customers’ needs, foster customer journey, and create content that leaves a deep impression with customers.

How to Start?

Creating social media profiles is easy, but keeping these profiles alive and growing every day surely requires serious effort. Good news: you are about to find out not only why, but also how!

All Starts with Social Media Management

Social media management is the process of managing a complete social media strategy. It can range from analyzing social media audiences and developing a strategy that’s tailored to them, creating and distributing content, monitoring engagement, collaborating with influencers, to reporting on social media performance and Return on Investment (ROI). Social media helps you boost your visibility and raise brand awareness. Not only can you boost your reach and get more engagement, but also get detailed customer insights. These metrics and data can help you figure out which content your audience resonates with the most.

Why Social Media Management is a Must-Have

Different social media platforms appeal to different age groups and interests. Choosing the right platform is a matter of understanding what kind of users each platform attracts. Therefore, you need to conduct good research on your targeted audience. For example, if your target audience is pre-teen to teenagers, it is wise to boost your Instagram and TikTok performance, as your target audiences are all there. Social media profiles welcome people to your brand 24/7. Full of selling opportunities to drive revenue, social media marketing is the best way to reach new audiences, build your brand, and find new customers. 

Marketingo Manages Your Social Media Better

Frankly, not everyone has the means and capability to do social media management. It takes time to learn, trial-and-errors, as well as persistence to make sure that your social media is well-managed. If you are one who feels like this, do not worry, because meaningful help is on your way! Our team in Marketingo consists of social media management experts with a distinctive focus on creating impactful, thumb-stopping content. We aim to provide you with all-in-one support to your social media marketing goals.

Let YouTube Be on Your Side

How many times do you open YouTube in a day? Digital Marketing research from 2020 reveals that on average, people spend 11 minutes and 24 seconds a day on YouTube. Becoming the second most used social media with 79% of all internet users, right after Facebook, YouTube solidifies its importance in people’s digital wellbeing worldwide. In fact, it is a social media platform with the most active users, marking 86% of all people on the web who visit it actively. Having acknowledged this fascinating fact, it makes perfect sense if you want YouTube to be on your side as your brand’s digital marketing channel. The best thing about it? You can do this as soon as possible.

Please Welcome: YouTube Ads!

YouTube ad is a practice of advertising your video content on YouTube or in search results so you can maximize your user reach. Running paid campaigns on YouTube is a cost-effective way to build brand awareness and also drive user action. Video advertising on YouTube differs from other platforms like Google or Facebook Ads because of the way a view is counted. You only pay for a view if the user passes the 30-second mark or watches the entire video.

Why YouTube Ads?

Youtube is the world’s second-largest search engine and the largest video-based social platform. A great majority of global shoppers discovered new products or brands via YouTube. The marketing potential alone makes this platform worth checking out. If you have not incorporated YouTube ads into your digital marketing effort, now is the time. Putting your brand on the platform can easily help you connect with your audience, as you can target the exact audience that you want to reach, such as by demographics, topics, remarketing, and so on.

Your Brand + YouTube Ads + Marketingo = The Perfect Trio

If you have no idea how to start promoting your brand through YouTube ads, Marketingo got you covered. Our team consists of YouTube ad experts with a distinctive focus on running custom-made YouTube advertising campaigns that will expand your online presence. We aim to deliver a measurable return on investment for your business.

Influencer Marketing: From a Person to Many People

But, I want more human touch to my marketing strategy!”. Some of you may be wondering that there is no tool that can beat human interactions when it comes to marketing. But, if your business is at a nationwide or even worldwide scale, how do you make human interaction possible? The answer is influencer marketing. This is a way to make your brand known with the help of a person to resonate with many people.

Influencer marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy that involves endorsements and product placements from external content creators or social media influencers. These influencers are people with prominent influence on their regional society with high engagement and followers. They are individuals who have the ability to affect the behavior of other people as a result of the size of their audience or their individual persuasiveness. 

Why Influencer Marketing? 

Influencers typically have built a loyal audience through social media, blogs, or other communities, thus building credibility over time. Influencer marketing is a win-win partnership where both businesses and influencers are offering amazing value to each audience. It enriches your content strategy and effectively reaches your target audience. No wonder why this channel is a perfect way to communicate your brand with a touch of genuine credibility! 

Where to Start Finding the Perfect Influencer

Finding the perfect influencers for your brand surely takes thorough research and trend-spotting to make sure that the influencer’s audiences match your target markets. This can take up much time, but Marketingo happily provides you with a very effective shortcut! Our team consists of influencer marketing experts with a distinctive focus on connecting the right brands with the right creators. We aim to provide you with compelling sponsored content that tells your story with our diverse network of authentic influencers in their industry.

You Have it All

Now that you get to know about the impact Social Media Marketing, YouTube Ads, and Influencer Marketing can do on your business, you only have one thing left to do: take your chance! At Marketingo, we care about your business’ growth, so let us collaborate and make the best out of digital marketing. Still unsure? Let’s talk and we can figure it out away. Contact us now!