5 Ideas to Start Working with Influencers on International Women’s Day

Written by Alifia Rahari
March 8, 2023

You can boost your brand’s visibility by partnering with influencers for International Women’s Day marketing. Don’t know where to start? Find some fresh influencer marketing ideas in this article.

Every year on March 8th, everyone celebrates International Women’s Day. It’s a commemoration as well as a reminder that the fight against issues such as gender inclusivity, violence, and abuse against women is not yet over.

Whether your brand is founded by women or not, showing solidarity and alliance is always a positive thing. According to HubSpot, 1 in 2 Gen Zers want companies to take a stance on social issues, especially gender inclusivity and climate change. Thus, participating in the International Women’s Day campaign can be beneficial for you and your brand.

Why Work with Influencers on International Women’s Day

Working with impactful influencers can ensure your campaign is heard by various audiences. 

In fact, the same HubSpot article stated that 33% of Gen Z have bought a product based on an influencer’s recommendation. This shows that a word or two from their favorite influencers can influence customers’ purchase decisions.

Furthermore, it’s better if you work with influencers whose values align with your brand. As Keyhole stated, finding the right influencer that is knowledgeable and passionate about your brand is ideal for social media influencer marketing.

Aside from that, collaborating with influencers can increase your brand’s ROI. The HBR study found that if all the key variables are optimized, influencers can lead to an increase of 16,6% in engagement rates. This is why even well-known brands like Nike or Dior partner with influencers.

How to Start Working With Influencers on International Women’s Day

If this is your brand’s first time participating in an International Women’s Day marketing campaign, you might not know where to begin. Read on to find some fresh ideas for influencer marketing to push up your sales and engagement rate.

Offer Deals for Women Consumers

The simplest way to celebrate International Women’s Day is by treating your women consumers. Giving discounts and sales is always an effective way to drive traffic to your page. Leading up to D-Day, you can collaborate with several local influencers to create influencer-generated content. It also works as a teaser, so everyone will come around when sale day arrives.

Run a Social Media Contest

Aside from offering deals, you can also run a social media contest using this year’s International Women’s Day theme: #EmbraceEquity. Try creating a photo contest or mini-writing contest by sharing an empowering story in Instagram captions. To drive excitement, you can start by posting the influencer’s post, and encouraging your consumer to join in the fun. Heighten the hype by giving the winner a chance to interact with the influencer.

Create a Video Campaign

International Women’s Day aims to empower women and promote gender inclusivity. Pair up with impactful women influencers who can inspire your audience, for example, an activist that fights against domestic abuse. If it’s done with the right narration and thoughtful editing, you can create a compelling message that will stick in your audience’s minds for a long time.

Collaborating with Woman-Owned Businesses

Another way to show your support is by collaborating with woman-owned businesses. As they are also considered influencers, you can hit two targets with one arrow. There are a lot of local businesses owned by women around you. Create a themed package by combining your brand and theirs and make it exclusive, available only in March.

Don’t Forget to Give Some Back

Lastly, a charity campaign can never turn out wrong. You can combine this strategy with a video campaign since video ads are easy to spread through social media. Include influencers in the video and around the campaign to help spread the word. When the event ends, set aside some of the revenue for non-profit organizations that support the women’s empowerment movement. It will enhance your company’s positive brand if you demonstrate some humanity in your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

In the end, consumers are now able to tell which brand is sincere with their support, and which is not. A thoughtful International Women’s Day campaign shows that your company genuinely shares and supports the gender equality and diversity movement. Inspire your consumers while increasing your sales at the same time!

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