Facebook Ads Tips to Maximize Your Sales

Written by Emma Natasha
April 21, 2022

If you want to build brand awareness, attract new clients, and convert leads into sales in 2022, Facebook advertising can come in handy. Despite all of the adjustments and barriers, according to Databox research, more than 60% of companies raised their Facebook ad costs in 2021, and more than 50% anticipate their Facebook ad budgets to climb again in 2022. Now, don’t rush into following the bandwagon just because of these statistics. To avoid spending too much budget for marketing strategy that might be unfamiliar to you, here are some tips to maximize your sales through Facebook Ads.

1 . Know Your Target Audience

Before you go into elaborate content development and budgeting processes, figure out who is most likely to become your customers and where your revenue channel is from. People on Facebook are not actively looking for products to buy, therefore you cannot target them with particular keywords. On Facebook, however, you can use sophisticated market segmentation tools, giving you a lot of control over who views your ads. To get a better grasp on how to best determine your target audience, read this. 

Facebook offers three audience selection tools for smart ad targeting: core Audiences, Custom Audiences and Lookalike Audiences.

Core Audiences are excellent for reaching out to potential customers who are unaware of your business. You may define audiences with this targeting option based on your geography, demographics, interests, behavior, and connections.

You can increase your connections with your contact list, those who have already visited your website (site visitors), and people who have shown any other interest in your online company by using the Custom Audiences option.

Finally, the Lookalike Audiences option can assist you in reaching and connecting with people who are likely to be interested in your offers: create an audience list of your existing (potential) clients, and Facebook will ensure that your ads are shown to people who have similar interests.

2 . Decide Which Ads Type Suits Your Brand

Facebook offers several types of ads. This is why you need to first decide which ad type suits your brand, since different products may need different types of ads. Image ads are excellent for showing your items to prospective customers if you want to showcase reasonably straightforward ads with high-quality visuals and enticing brief prose. Video ads are ideal for showcasing your items in motion or as a promo video. You may use them as in-stream ads in Facebook videos that are long enough, or you can run them in both News Feed and Stories. If you want to show different features of one product or to display many different products, opt for carousel ads. Lastly, Collection Facebook ads will suit you if your brand’s main site is Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce, since it allows automatic display of product catalog.

3 . Calculate Your Budget

To estimate the budget for your Facebook ads, you must first complete the following questions: Do you want to increase your Facebook fan base? Do you want to increase your email subscriber base? How quickly do you want your product sales to increase? What is your revenue target? By answering these, you will be able to determine the Facebook Ad spend needed to meet your objectives and make your Facebook ads profitable. 

To keep your ads budget effective, you can use some of these strategies: create an ad schedule to ensure that your ads are broadcast at the appropriate time of week and day to optimize results and minimize expenses. Try out several bidding strategies to see which one works best for you. You have two bid strategies to select from: lowest cap and target cost. The lowest cost bid strategy is automated bidding, which will earn you the best price for your purchase because Facebook handles all of the work for you. Target cost bid strategy, on the other hand, assists you in maintaining more steady results at a constant cost. When your spending grows, this method comes in handy.

4 . Create a Direct CTA

The ideal Facebook ad specifies the action the prospect should do. CTAs associated with content consumption, such as following your Facebook page, subscribing for more content, or collecting email subscribers, are useful for brand awareness initiatives. Furthermore, rather than attempting to engage or entertain, direct response ads are better suited to answering typical purchasing objections. Don’t ask people to buy or sign up straight away. Instead, leverage your CTA to urge visitors to do something easier like “watch this video to see how this product works like magic to you.” 

Last but not least, put everything through its tests. Test several variations of a creative (photo versus video, different pictures, different text) to the same audience to determine which Facebook ads perform best and scale them to achieve the best outcomes at the lowest cost.

There are many more ways to maximize your Facebook ads strategy and this article is just a quick glance into it! If you are still hesitant on how to make the best out of online ads, feel free to contact us and we will assist you to best develop your marketing efforts!

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