Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

Written by Emma Natasha
January 6, 2022
Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

The digital marketing industry demands ongoing, seemingly endless innovation that requires businesses to keep up with the world dynamic. Business strategies that may have worked well in 2021 may not be effective in 2022, highlighting the urgent need for digital marketers to get ahead and stay updated with the trends forecasted to be on-demand this year. To help you navigate the year ahead, here are Marketingo’s insights on Digital Marketing Trends of 2022. Check them out!

Privacy is Everything

People are taking greater precautions to safeguard their online privacy than ever before, with 73% claiming they prefer online services that offer high data security, such as encrypted emails and privacy-protecting search engines. In 2022, businesses must focus on developing a customer-first data protection plan. Modern digital advertising relies significantly on data to optimize itself automatically. New privacy rules, such as the iOS upgrade and impending cookie removal, have reduced the amount of data utilized in artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, data is required to offer customers appropriate information and advertisements. Data helps in the development of relevant and engaging messages that improves online experiences while allowing marketers to target the appropriate customers and fulfill their expectations. Digital marketers need to balance between protecting users’ data privacy and using them for business advantage. 

Relevance = Reach

Brands should be more proactive in communicating their value and real purpose in 2022 if they want to thrive. This is why businesses need to realize that brand relevance is just as important as reach. Establish messages and experiences that are genuine to your brand and relevant to the target audience‘s interests. Focus on value and real purpose in 2022. This is what can and will set your business apart in the overcrowded consumer’s buying experience. Brands can engage meaningfully with audiences and generate business results by leaning into brand purpose and conveying value in a genuine and consistent way.

Integrated SEO

One of the longest surviving and most valuable kinds of digital marketing is search engine optimization. As search engines get smarter and more contextual, marketers must focus less on SEO “hacks” and more on offering an exceptional and meaningful experience to their consumers. Every aspect of digital marketing is becoming algorithm-driven, including social media news feeds, display advertisements, social ads, AdWords, and even mailing. All of the algorithms optimize for the same thing: user experience. Businesses must create a user experience that customers desire in order to remain relevant, otherwise their content will become less visible.

ABCD Approach

The retail world has evolved; people now buy things immediately from social media postings at any time they want to. Global e-commerce sales increased by about 30% last year, and new methods for making online content more “shoppable” have developed. In 2022, the way to do this is through the ABCD Approach, as explained by Pauline Butor of Google France.

  • Attention: Hook and sustain people with an immersive story
  • Branding: Brand early, often, and richly
  • Connection: Help people think and feel something
  • Direction: Ask them to take action

Storytelling is important in generating content that people want to buy from. Evaluate how you can make your content more shoppable by making it story-driven as you plan your marketing initiatives for 2022. Make certain that you hold fast to your brand and what you claim. You can communicate your brand identity while improving the success of your campaigns and creatives through the right storytelling about your brand.

Digital marketing is a never-ending process and, thanks to the incredibly rapid technology advancement these days, businesses need to capture trends quickly before they fade. Is it worth it to optimize and maximize your business’s online presence? Absolutely. If you understood the assignment, there would be only little to no worries about being left behind. Let us be of help for your all-in-one digital marketing initiatives by contacting us right away! Contact us today!