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Leveraging the Potential of Twitter for Business in 2023

Twitter’s global monthly users are predicted to fall by 5% in 2024. Does this mean Twitter for Business is no longer worth the effort? Read on to find out.

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Maximize Your Sales with Live Stream Shopping

Almost seven years ago, China changed the world of eCommerce with live stream shopping. Now, the hype is all over the world.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Enhancing the Benefits of Inbound Marketing

Every business owner wants a meaningful, long-lasting relationship with their customers. One of the most feasible ways to achieve that goal is through inbound marketing.

5 Ideas to Start Working with Influencers on International Women’s Day

You can boost your brand’s visibility by partnering with influencers for International Women’s Day marketing. Don’t know where to start? Find some fresh influencer marketing ideas in this article.

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Exploring the Versatile and Dynamic Role of a Social Media Manager

Social media manager is a newly emerging job field. But nowadays, every company seems to need one. Because a social media manager is essentially the company’s face on social media.

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Paid Social Media Ads: Is It Worth Trying?

Paid social media ads have become essential in almost everyone’s digital marketing strategy. Yet for a small business, is it worth the money? This article will explain more about using paid social media ads as your brand’s marketing strategy.

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Get More Views with These 5 Short-Form Video Ideas

Short-form video has proven to be effective at boosting brand engagement. However, coming up with ideas to make one may be tricky.

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The Power of One-to-One Marketing with AI: An In-Depth Look

The one-to-one marketing approach is considered effective at retaining customers. One-to-one marketing with AI can be so much more.

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How to Succeed in Double-Digit Mega Sale Events

Is 12.12 sale familiar to you? Double-digit mega-sale events of this type are significant in South East Asia. It is important for brands and retailers to plan a well-thought-out strategy to participate in one of these events. Here are some helpful tips and guides to get you started.

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YouTube Shorts to Increase Audience Engagement: How Does It Work?

YouTube Shorts is an addition to the trend of quick and quirky videos. You might consider adding Shorts to your marketing strategy to increase audience engagement on your channel.