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Get More Views with These 5 Short-Form Video Ideas

Short-form video has proven to be effective at boosting brand engagement. However, coming up with ideas to make one may be tricky.

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The Power of One-to-One Marketing with AI: An In-Depth Look

The one-to-one marketing approach is considered effective at retaining customers. One-to-one marketing with AI can be so much more.

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How to Succeed in Double-Digit Mega Sale Events

Is 12.12 sale familiar to you? Double-digit mega-sale events of this type are significant in South East Asia. It is important for brands and retailers to plan a well-thought-out strategy to participate in one of these events. Here are some helpful tips and guides to get you started.

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YouTube Shorts to Increase Audience Engagement: How Does It Work?

YouTube Shorts is an addition to the trend of quick and quirky videos. You might consider adding Shorts to your marketing strategy to increase audience engagement on your channel.

World Emoji Day Why Use Emojis in Your Social Media

World Emoji Day: Why Use Emojis in Your Social Media

Brands give a more personal touch in interacting with their audience through emojis. Here is why.

How Gaming Influencers Change the Game

How Gaming Influencers Change the Game

Game or gaming influencers play an important part in people’s purchasing behavior. So, how do they change the game?

Influencer marketing is on the rise and you may consider partnering with an influencer to promote your brand. But, how do you find the right influencer who will help boost your digital marketing strategy? You need to first know the types of influencers there are. Promotion messages from different types of social media influencers reach audiences and fulfill different objectives. Each scope of business may need different types of influencer and if you are still clueless about it, here is an easy guide about types of influencers for your digital marketing. Why Influencer Marketing? It is not a new thing for people to rely more on recommendations from a ‘real person’ compared to conventional ads. The human touch gives more sense of trust and influencers are people who can communicate your brand message. Influencers have a strong presence on social media and trustworthy opinions on the products and services they promote. The more influencers who review your products and share recommendations on social media, the more powerful your brand will be in online marketing. Influencer marketing has exploded in the last five years, and it is expected to grow to a $13.8 billion industry by 2021. According to research, social media influencers may help companies achieve actual results. It was found that 89% of marketers agreed the ROI from influencer marketing is equivalent to or greater than that of other marketing channels. Additionally, 71% of marketers believe that the quality of customers and traffic via influencer marketing is superior than from other traffic. Therefore, it makes sense to leverage influencer marketing and the first step is to know which type of influencer will suit your brand. Types of Influencer Depending on the audience base and main social media platform, here are several types of influencer there are: Nano Influencer Nano influencers are ones with the smallest audience base compared to other types of influencer. They usually have 1000 to 10,000 followers on social media. In general, the engagement rate of nano influencers is between 7% and 10%. Despite having the smallest base of followers, their influence is not to be underestimated. Interestingly, nano influencers are the most approachable of the kind since they live a similar lifestyle to the overall public.Considering their followers are often friends and family, they have the greatest interaction rate across all classifications. Influencer marketing at this level may be suitable for companies with limited budgets. Micro Influencer Influencers with around 5000 to 30,000 followers are considered as micro influencers. This influencer type’s engagement rate is slightly higher than that of macro-influencers, averaging approximately 3% to 5%. Micro-influencers typically specialize in a field that is very relevant to their followers, resulting in a higher percentage of engagement. According to this study, 82% of customers are more inclined to purchase a product recommended by micro influencers. While they have a far smaller following than mega influencers, companies often see this type of influencer as far more beneficial in terms of engagement and trustworthiness. This is because they have a close relationship with their followers and are more niche-focused. Macro Influencer Influencers with more than 30,000 followers on social media are classified as macro influencers. Content creators and professional influencers who have been in the field for a while come into this type. This type of influencer is a good alternative to major influencers in terms of brand recognition. This tier's engagement rate is between 1% and 3% on average. Mega Influencer Mega influencers have the greatest reach of the four influencer types. They are practically celebrities. Mega-influencers, who have more than a million followers, are very prominent on social media due to their celebrity status. They are remarkably active on social media platforms where their target audience spend much of their time, and they create a lot of engagement. This is what makes them appealing to businesses seeking to use influencer marketing, but is also why their rate card is typically costly. According to Statista, celebrity promotional activities on social media were effective for 98 percent of in-house advertisers in the United Kingdom. However, when the influencer's total follower count grows, the rate of engagement slowdowns. The engagement rate for Instagram influencers with more than 10 million followers is roughly 1.6%, according to this. It is important to take into account how various social media platforms should be used for influencer marketing. Picking the right influencer is more than just selecting the most popular people. The influencer's reputation and the quality of their interaction with their audience are also essential. Therefore, if you want to thrive in influencer marketing, you must have the proper balance of analytical strategy, effective tools, and genuine engagement. Read Also: Why Instagram Reels Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Types of Influencers in Influencer Marketing

How do you find the right influencer who will help boost your digital marketing strategy? You need to first know the types of influencers there are. Here is a guide.

Why Instagram Reels Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

Why Instagram Reels Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing

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Common Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Common Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

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