Get More Views with These 5 Short-Form Video Ideas

Written by Alifia Rahari
January 17, 2023
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Short-form video has proven to be effective at boosting brand engagement. However, coming up with ideas to make one may be tricky.

When the short-form video trend rolls in, people who gain hundreds of views in a brief amount of time aren’t unheard of. Business leaders, of course, won’t miss out on this opportunity. According to HubSpot, 47% of marketers believe that short-form videos are most likely to become viral, and it will be a very effective way to promote a brand or a product.

Deciding to include short-form videos into your marketing plan is easy, but how should you start? What kind of video will bring your brand maximum engagement? Read along and this article will help you find some fresh ideas.

Show BTS Footage

As consumers, people are always curious about how something is made, including your products. Behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage can show how passionate you are about your brand, and it’s always fun to take a peek at something before it’s done. It also shows some kind of authenticity.

Behind-the-scenes content can be filmed in so many ways. For instance, you can provide a tour of the office, discuss the preparation of your components, or the packaging process. When creating other videos about your product, you can give the audience blooper reels as a refresher.

Do Tutorials

A tutorial video is essentially educating your audience about how to do something. It can be a tutorial on using your product or something else that can be done with your product. For example, if you are a homemade cookie manufacturer, you can make a tutorial about how to make a gift hamper with your cookies as the main component.

A survey from UpCity revealed that 17% of survey respondents believe that demonstration videos can improve brand recognition. Keep your tutorials entertaining with upbeat music and up-to-date humor.

Follow the Current Trends

The trend in various social media keeps fluctuating and it’s important to stay relevant if you want to keep your engagement rate high. Don’t be shy to jump into the latest challenges or create an informative video with the hottest sound at the moment.

Moreover, if you can identify a growing trend before it becomes popular, Neal Schaffer suggests creating videos that capitalize on its popularity. When the trend becomes mainstream, it’s likely that your video will be drowned out by similar videos. Being the first to join the trend will be a benefit for you.

Soundless Optimization

Even though a lot of people prefer watching short videos rather than reading a text-based post/instruction, it doesn’t always mean that they will watch it with the volume turned up. Some people will even watch the video on mute, especially deaf people.

Make your video more accessible to a wider audience by adding subtitles and on-screen instructions/information. Other than that, Luke Buesnel suggested creating a strong brand personality and compelling visual storytelling.

New Product Teaser

Whenever you have a new service or product, you can generate excitement by creating a captivating teaser. Combined with the latest trend or viral sound, it should improve the engagement rate and drive more traffic as people are curiously waiting for your product to launch.

An effective teaser video, Animoto suggests, is one that encourages the audience to take action. It could be signing up for your newsletter, following you on social media, or even taking part in your pre-order.

Final Words

The video format has taken up people’s attention these days, and it seems like this trend will last for a long time. It wouldn’t be wise to miss this opportunity to boost your business. As a marketer, incorporating short-form videos into your digital marketing strategy is essential.

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